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Recruitment Agency Ragenta: Canada (LMIA/CUAET), USA, former USSR, RSA

The “Ragenta” Recruitment Agency has successful experience in recruiting experts of different qualification level:

  • Search for highly specialized staff;
  • Search and selection of specialists who are fluent in foreign languages;
  • Recruiting of personnel as in big cities so as in the smallest towns;
  • Collaboration with international companies.

The territory of selection: ex-USSR (Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan…), Canada, USA, South Africa, and the whole world.

We select engineering and technical personnel for companies from Canada, America, Europe, the former USSR.

General directions of personnel selection: production, raw materials industry, B2B sales, information technologies, finance, telecommunications, and other.

Additional services: leasing of personnel.

Among our clients are: WeatherfordDrilling, Regal Petrolium, Metso Minerals, ТNК bp, African Minerals, Weir Minerals, BASF, VEKA, Titan Ukraine, Altain Khuder, Holleman, Saint-Gobain, Konica, Camozzi, EuroTire, STILL, Samsung, Ericsson, Misys.

Our clients in 2023-2024:

  • big food manufacturer, Ontario, Canada;
  • electrical company in NYC, USA;
  • construction design company (American industrial projects, BIM/VDC/Revit services for electrical, low voltage, instrumentation & controls contractors);
  • fish farm, central Africa;
  • R&D company, China;
  • software development agency, Texas, USA

Our partner: TOP NOTCH HR SOLUTIONS (trade mark of Spilastyle, ltd), Johannesburg, South Africa.

Advantages of working with the “Ragenta”  Recruitment Agency:

  • We speak Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, English, Africaans
  • Experience of the interregional search for unique specialists;
  • Experience of closing of positions in several cities simultaneously;
  • Experience of personnel outsourcing;
  • The big database of English-speaking engineers and technicians from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan;
  • The goodwill is confirmed by international companies;
  • 20+ years of experience in recruiting;
  • Mid-level of fee due to optimized overhead.

Basic conditions of collaboration (click).


Our partners/Наш партнер:, TOP NOTCH HR SOLUTIONS ( the Republic of South Africa), Head Hunter — сайт пошуку роботи №1 в Україні