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Basic conditions of collaboration

Recruiting fee of the “Ragenta” Recruitment agency

Categories of recruited staff:

  • engineers, project managers, technologists;
  • middle and top-level managers, heads of branches/representative offices;
  • directors of production, chief engineers;
  • KAM, RSM;
  • chief accountants, financial specialists;
  • IT-specialists;

The fee is 12(+/-2)% of annual gross remuneration of the hired candidate.

The final fee depends on many conditions such as guarantee period duration, amount of advance payment, a number of similar positions.

Payment: The fee for the first candidates, as a rule, is to be paid in two parts. The advance payment, comprising 20% of the fee is paid upon the signing of the contract and is not refundable. The second installment is due after the candidate reports to work.

The client pays for all charges connected to the organization of interviews. In the process of search, it may become necessary to change the requirements of the position. In the majority of these instances, this means additional work for the consultant. For this reason, the agency reserves the right to correct the rate of commission and the terms of execution of the order in consultation with the client.

Guarantee and post-guarantee accompaniment:

  • One time replacement of the candidates, who did not pass the probation period determined;
  • Guarantee term for the one-time replacement is 3 months.

Work principles :

  • Strict observance of Customers demands;
  • Work on the basis of corporate standards;
  • Ethic code honor;
  • Confidentiality.

Also, we offer to discuss the option of personnel outsourcing. Agency hires a candidate(-s) as a formal employer; pays salary and all salary-related taxes; does all paper works such as labor agreements, timesheets, payslips, accounting of business trips, annual leaves etc. A client does not pay recruitment one-off fee but reimburses all salary-related expenses and outsourcing fee. In this option, our outsourcing fee is 18% of the gross salary. It covers all our expenses for recruitment, adv, business trips, assessments, bank fees etc.