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Recruitment Agencies from the Quality Viewpoint: Conclusion


As a result of the performed review the following recommendations suggest themselves for the leading agencies and professional associations on development of recruiting business: 

1        From the viewpoint of the service quality the satisfaction of clients is more essential than the speed of their servicing.

2        The specialized or well structured universal agencies are welcomed.

3        The external brunch standards of quality are needed; the internal standards are also welcomed if they surpass the brunch ones. The standards shall be quantitatively measurable and supported by adequate resources, clear procedures and technological instructions.

4        The agency’s documents and techniques shall be open for external audits; the regular internal audits and publication of their results are desirable.

5        Development of common qualification requirements upon managers and employees of the agency is needed; availability of conformance certificates (issued by the third independent part) among the consultants is welcomed.

6        The agencies’ ratings shall be composed periodically on the scientific basis and with allowance of external audits.

7        The reports on agencies avoiding unreasonably and systematically the reorganizations in accordance with respective standards shall be recognized as norms.

8        In order to prevent the white of black PR (public relation), develop requirements and norms acceptable both for the agencies/employers, and support actuality the information shall be published under use of independent media.