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The main quality inspector is an executor

Unfortunately, the references regarding connection between quality and state of internal documentation are not numerous. But it is well known that “one of the principles of successive planning is mandatory documenting of all the key information. All the computer codes, phone numbers and addresses of clients and partners, whom the employees are contacting with, shall be recorded in order to make them accessible for any newly arrived employees” [59]. The professionals perceiving importance of their methodologies are even protecting them under copyright [17]. 

The internal documentation’s appropriateness is described very romantic in [85]: “The maturity has specific taste. The test of chewed up paper. All the maps are drawn up, the tickets are bought, and we are faced with a long way. The endless diversity of the life is being covered with a net of forms, schedules and procedures. Plans, norms and budgets are being appeared. From room to room an endless paper river is running from nine thirty till eighteen sharp. The customers are moaning but the vacancies are being closed. Everybody knows us. The salaries are cut. We have endured a pair of serious crises and keep our heads firmly above water. The journalists like us. The personnel are skilled. We are not running now, we are walking. But we know our way, and our feet are strong. Evenings, the Sun, as a round blue seal, is going down below the black-white paper horizon and sinks hopelessly in a routine”. 

A bit more is available about external documentation.  Here are such materials as a comprehensive report on a nominee including “recommendations from two previous places of employment, real facts of biography, reputation of the nominee at the market, factors of motivation” [38], compact forms of application tailored for the Internet and description of utilized algorithms and methodologies [38]. Traditionally great attention is being given to the correct execution of resumes [76, 78 and 82]. 

The sourcing technology shall be constantly updated in respect to the on-line system of reporting and control – electronic, written or verbal – on the current state of the order fulfillment [77, 79, 80, 88, 101 and 117]. 

The software shall accumulate and store not only resumes, but also recommendations, training certificates, photos, comments of colleagues, publications in media, results of testing and traces of all phases of contact with the nominee. No less detailed files shall be stored for enterprises of customers [77, 85].

The consultant cannot guarantee closing of any vacancy, but he shall ensure completeness and quality of fulfillment of mandatory procedures [117].

To be continued…