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B2B and FMCG in Kiev

How open a trade mission?

How begin export/import of goods from/to borders of Ukraine?

How find the best sellers/suppliers of production/goods?

Who delivers the goods?

What Ukrainian banks service the export/import transactions?

What rules and laws are valid in Ukraine and in countries of your trade partners?

How the Ukrainian company can open its abroad trade mission?

How the international companies open their representations in Ukraine?

How find job in the leading trade companies?

The Ukrainian recruitment agency “B2B & FMCG” has placed on its website information about Chambers of Commerce and Industry around the world. The list  “Online directo-ries of companies, telephone directories world” has been also updated.

The number of references in the World Trade Association’s list has exceeded 30.

The agency has placed lists of German and Italian companies in Ukraine; lists of companies from others European countries are being prepared for publication as well.

The specialized “B2B & FMCG” agency can quickly select personnel in accordance with  your request to the vacancies: DSM, RSM,  ASM, sales manager, trade representative, director of mission or branch, commercial manager,  director of supermarket, supervisor, Key Account Manager, national manager, Head of Sales Chain Department, acquisition managers.                         

The “B2B & FMCG” agency continues (starting from 2001) long-term collaboration with the Dutch sewing company “Lvivteks”. In 2011 the agency selects managers on sales and procurement to work with foreign partners in order to form a staff of Department on Foreign Economic Activity. In this connection the freelancers and recruitment agencies are invited to collaboration from all regions of Ukraine.

Business Guidelines
– Getting Started
– Import-Export
– Mergers/Acquisitions
– Corporate Law
– Buildings and Land
Business Issues
– Ukrainian tax system
– Employment
– Register an LTD
– Private enterprises
– Permissions
– Foreign Investments
– Acquisition of land
Civil Law Issues
– Marrying in Ukraine
– Marriage contracts
– Divorce
– Adoption laws
– Driving a car
– Car insurance
– Renting property
– Buy an apartment

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