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Ukrainian associations of recruitment and executive search agencies: myths and realities

”Upravleniye personalom – Ukraina” (Human Recourses Management – Ukraine ) is a first HR-magazine in Ukraine, which publics materials only on the HRM in the contemporary business.   

The issue of September, 2010 ( ) covers traditionally the recruitment subject.

On page 16 the following is appeared:

Beginning of quotation:

There is no all-Ukrainian association of recruitment (head-hunting type) agencies with single rules of activity for all subjects of the labor market. At the same type quite a number of various associations exists, such as UMSG, URA, ARKA, UAMKA.

End of quotation.

Dear author of the article! 

Dear editorial staff! 

Dear readers of the magazine! 

Dear casual visitors of the blog on recruitment in Ukraine!

As to the ARKA (Assotsiacia Rekritingovyh & Kadrovyh Agetstv, Ukraina) or in English – Association of Recruitment and Employment Agencies – it exists from 2004. The ARKA site is being maintained. The recruiter’s professional-ethical codex is being strictly observed. By the way, it envisages a mechanism of punishment in regard to the Association’s agencies violating the codex. Each year we close joint orders covering several regions of Ukraine, and it is possible, in particular, owing to the “Standard of services quality”.

It is surprise to know that we, the all-Ukrainian association with single rules of activity, don’t exist. And no less surprisingly to hear on availability of some mythical formations: UMSG, URA (Ukrainskaya rekruting assotsiaciya or Ukrainian recruitment association), UAMKA (Ukrainska Accociacia mezhdunarodnyh kadrovyh agentstv or Ukrainian Association of international personnel agencies). 

Although the Google discovers the agencies believing that they are members or collaborators of any of these three associations-phantoms, actually no single mention from   the last 6 years can be found on their organizing committee, board of management, meetings, conferences or joint activity.

Colleagues, HR-people, recruiters: if anyone knows anything about activity of the said three associations UMSG, URA, UAMKA, possess contacts of their activists or, all the more, is a member of them – please, respond the call.  

No doubt, I will make a reference to you at preparing an article “Ukrainian associations of recruitment and executive search agencies: myths and realities” for the “Upravleniye personalom – Ukraina” magazine highly appreciated by all of us.  

Yours respectfully,

Yuri Smirnov,

Director of Alternativa recruitment agency

Member of ARKA management board