IT Project Manager, Kiev


·         To set standards for delivery that inspire and motivate others within the partner agency and the project teams involved.

·         Ensure all projects are managed on time and to agreed cost

·         To effectively manage strong on-going relationships

·         To effectively manage multiple projects/workstreams where required


Knowledge and skills:

·         Agile and able to adapt to different ways of working where needed

·         Experience and knowledge of dynamic digital agency environment.

·         Excellent communication / project leadership skills

·         Excellent project planning and risk management experience

·         Excellent understanding of digital projects and implementation methodologies

·         Strong understanding of commercial and account strategies with the ability to tailor implementation and wider delivery processes to meet stakeholder requirements

·         Ability to lead cross-functional team of designers, developers and other staff

·         Highly confident management skills for project reporting, scope agreement and general engagement

·         Experienced in project estimating

·         Highly motivated, adaptable, innovative and keen to learn new skills

·         Able to manage multiple projects/tasks at once

·         Excellent project initiation skills including an understanding of ROI

·         The ability to storyboard and lead solution scoping process whilst ensuring all stakeholders are informed and clear on project activity/involvement

·         Understanding of wider Usability and accessibility constraints and opportunities within industry and the ability to draw on expertise to continually improve in this area  

·         Excellent problem solving skills

·         Excellent attention to detail

Key responsibilities: 

·         Extraction, development and clarification of requirements from clients and account handlers

·         Effective development of project briefs with clear timescales, scope, skills and effort required

·         Project management of delivery to agreed timescales, costs whilst driving the project teams to the very highest quality of work and solution

·         Pre-empt project risk and manage stakeholder expectations appropriately to mitigate as required

·         Manage project resource requirements to get the right person on the right job

·         Management of Project reviews where required

Key relationships:

·         Partner teams, both management and delivery teams

·         Clients on a project and account relationship level

·         The delivery teams for all projects


Broad targets and goals:

·         Managing all projects appropriately within agreed timescales, cost and quality

·         Achieving the management of award winning work for our clients

·         Client billable hours

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